Friday, October 31, 2014

China captures 180 economic crimes suspects abroad

Beijing, Oct 31 (IANS) China has captured 180 economic crime suspects abroad since a campaign began in July, the ministry of public security said Thursday.

The suspects were apprehended in 40 countries and regions: 104 were arrested by the police and 76 returned to China to give themselves up. The number surpassed that of last year, Xinhua quoted the ministry as saying.

A total of 44 among them are involved in economic cases worth of over 10 million yuan each, it added.

China launched the Fox Hunt 2014 operation in July to “block the last route of retreat” for corrupt officials at a time when a major crackdown on graft had already narrowed the space for abuse of power.

Thanks to cooperation and support of related countries and regions, the operation made “breakthroughs” in Africa, South America, the South Pacific and Western Europe, the ministry said.

China has sent 20 teams to Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia and other neighbouring countries, arresting 75 suspects.

Liu Jinguo, vice minister of the ministry of public security, urged police around the country to strengthen publicity and encourage people to provide tips.

Liu also vowed to hold officials accountable if their negligence of duty leads to absconding of economic criminals, and pledged to bring to justice those that provide fake identities and passports to suspects.

China captures 180 economic crimes suspects abroad


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