Thursday, September 11, 2014

Minister of Tourism, Energy, Investment and Economic Development, the Honourable Asot Michael, meets with The Asincro Group in Bogota, Colombia.

The Honourable Asot Michael Minister of Tourism, Energy, Investment and Economic Development today met with The Asincro Group of companies who specialize in consulting, engineering and EPC services for all types of fossil-fuel and renewable power generation projects, as well as power
transmission and distribution. Asincro has for more than 40 years executed more than 1,300 projects across Latin America, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Dominican Republic, Haiti and many more. Asincro has developed more than 70,000MW of thermal generation projects, more than 360 sub-stations from 69KV to 765KV and more than 14,000 MW in hydro-electric power generation.

In the last six (6) years Asincro has developed projects of more than 6,000 MW in thermal power generation in Venezuela. Asincro also developed the first wind farm project in Venuezla generating 100MW of power.

Minister Michael extended an invitation to the companies technical group and senior management to visit Antigua to begin an official assessment of Antigua and Barbuda’s energy matrix capacity and potential for green and renewable energy development.

Minister Michael made the official visit with a specific mandate from Prime Minister Gaston Browne and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to make energy consumption more affordable for our people and business in the country. With the possible alliance with Asincro, Antigua and Barbuda can become a model for the region in Energy management and consumption. Minister Michael met with Mr. Salvatore Giannatassio, Asincro's founder and senior technical team led by Gustavo Sol and Maria Teresa Torres.


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